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 “American Pain Foundation” has reported that around $100 billion is spent as a financial expense for chronic pains every year.

Financial cost of chronic pain in the United States comprises loss of wage, medical care expenses and lost productivity on the job. Back pain is among the leading disability in Americans under 45 years.

The injury lawyers frequently disagree with the insurance companies as these insurance companies try their best to nullify personal injury claim which are genuine. The Insurance companies nullify medical/financial compensation on the basis of negative MRI.

If you face such a situation, then you must carry on your medical treatment with your chiropractor, physiatrist, physical therapist, or acupuncturist to ease the pain.

You can also seek advice from your personal injury attorney who would help you to receive justice and compensation for the injuries. Personal injury law offers financial aid to the victims of accident injuries and numerous other kinds of injuries suffered by the personal injury victim.