New York Construction Accident Lawyer

Construction industry is one of the major industries in the US and that too, especially in New York City. Construction accident fatalities rank third among all other accidents in the New York City.

There are many firms that work at a construction site. You could be a victim of construction accident that has been due to a sub-contractor or it has been the negligence of the property owner, the property management company, of the construction management company. In many cases, it has been seen that victims were injured from a defective product or some other hazard that was neither your fault nor that of your employers.

If you fell from a high elevation (which constitutes nearly 30 percent of all construction accident fatalities) or were hurt by scaffolding that collapsed, got hit by an object from the construction site then it is likely that somebody was at fault. All major construction sites are maintained by the respective construction firms. Health and safety should be the top priority of every such firm but it is not always the case in most construction accidents. Several fatal construction accidents could have been easily prevented if adequate safety and health measures were followed at the construction site.

Some construction accidents include:

  • Falling objects or construction debris hitting worker
  • Scaffolding collapses, falls from scaffolds
  • Accidents with construction equipment or machinery: Forklift and or Crane Accidents
  • Worker falls from a height/elevated platform/falls from ladders
  • Car Accidents with construction vehicles
  • Hoisting accidents

If you or your loved ones were a victim of any such construction accident, then get in touch with your accident lawyer. If you were injured within New York City then get in touch with a New York Construction Accident Lawyer. Your personal injury lawyer will help you get both justice and compensation from the negligent construction firm or any other negligent party involved.

Some New York accident lawyer offer legal services on a contingency basis. Thus, you should avail the legal services of your personal injury lawyer for free. Your injury lawyer will only get a percentage of the amount from the final compensation amount (if he succeeds in winning your case).  Many construction firms hire aggressive and experienced defense attorneys who will try their best to cheat you of your injury claim (even if it was a genuine case). Thus, you should speak to your personal injury lawyer who will increase your chances of winning injury compensation.