Bicyclist Hit by Car Making Right Turn

The Charges: Our client was riding an electric bicycle southbound along the curbline on South Coast Highway in Oceanside. He was hit by commercial truck and suffered serious injuries.

Awarded: $40 Million in Compensation

24 NOV 2014

Mendez V. American Air Ambulance

The Charges: Client was driving across a busy intersection and was hit by a semi-truck that had ran a red light. He suffered serious injuries to the head due to which he got paralyzed.

Our law firm not only helped the client receive best compensation to put his life back on track but we also ensured that those who were responsible for the negligent act did not got scot-free. The Driver of the semi-truck was found driving in inebriated condition.

Awarded: $135 Million Compensation Awarded

24 DEC 2014

Chicago Car Accident With Syndrome

The Charges: Our client was a young Marine involved in a car crash when an elderly driver ran a red left-turn light.

Compensation Awarded: $75 Million Compensation awarded