Our NYC Car Accident Lawyers recovered 5 Million in compensation

Most auto accidents take place during the winter season and some accidents involving cars can actually result in fatal injuries. Victims of car accidents can be anyone including a pedestrian or even the driver himself. In most cases, it is seen that accidents have taken place due to the negligence of the ‘at-fault car driver’, pedestrians or anyone else.More than 60 percent of car accident victims experience pain, even a year of being injured in a car accident; and the most common areas of pain are joints and limbs (44%), the back and spine injuries (26%), brain and head injuries (12%) and injury to the neck (7%).

An advocacy group, the American Pain Foundation published a report where it was found that more than $100 billion has been spent on curing chronic pains every year. Back pain is one of the major causes of disability in Americans aged below 45 years.

Thus, if you have ever received injuries resulting from a car accident then you should get in touch with your lawyer; and, your accident lawyer will help you get justice and compensation from the negligent individual or authority (public or private). Most car accident attorneys come to loggerheads with insurance companies who try their best to reduce or nullify your claim amount. Insurance companies also try to cheat you of your medical and financial compensation on the basis of medical report and if a patient is experiencing excruciating pain in the brain then it will not show up in X-rays, CAT scans or MRIs. Most insurance companies try to locate loopholes so that your compensation can be reduced or denied.

On the other hand, accidents that involve heavy truck or tractor trailers can prove to be fatal for car occupants including the driver. There have been many instances where heavy vehicles like truck caused accidents on the road. If you were involved in any car accident then you have to seek urgent medical help and it is important to contact a car accident attorney immediately after the accident. This will help you get the right compensation amount for your injuries.