Truck Accidents in New York

An accident due to huge trucks frequently consists of different set of problems and questions than the ones involving cars or other personal injury accident. Selecting the correct law firm can fetch the correct compensation from the trucking company or its insurance company. Accidents which involve huge semi trucks are life threatening, and severely affect standard of living.

Does a person need an attorney?

Several times truck accident victims hesitate to contact a lawyer. They feel that the trucking industry’s attorney is hired for their interest. This is not true in many cases. The trucking industry attorney is hired by trucking industry and not by you.

Without a personal lawyer, they may convince you to settle your claim faster and lesser than you deserve. You may not be aware of your rights and damages and what you deserve. Once the final settlement is signed, you are fixed. If soon something new crops up related to your accident, you will be denied help and you will have to pay for your own medical bills instead of the trucking company.

Truck Accident/Injury attorney

Generally, people contact a normal lawyer after any accident. But, a personal injury attorney specialized in accident injury claims would help you get justice and compensation for the truck accident injury claim. Accidents involving large trucks result in tragic injury or death.  A personal injury attorney focuses in accident cases involving truck accident is aware of all medical tests and how to carry on with a case if your accident resulted in grave injuries. A truck accident attorney is also aware of the ins and outs of trucking legislation and which would help in determining and proving the reason of the accident.