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New York Car Accident Compensation Claim Guide

The very thought of a car accident can make a person feel uncomfortable and frightened. In some minor car accidents, nobody suffers injuries, but the affected party can always claim the insurance money for the damages. Although this process is very time consuming, but one can get back money for the repairs and other damages to the car.

Follow these guidelines at the time of filing an accident claim:-

a) If you or someone known to you meets with a car accident, then report the matter to the police. Do not leave the accident spot, as it is punishable against law. In case the occupants of the vehicle have suffered serious injuries, then call for an ambulance at once.

b) Do not move the accident car unless it is struck in a dangerous position. This would help the police know, who was at fault?

c) Write down all the necessary facts about the drivers who were involved in the accident like their license and registration numbers etc. Police at the accident scene would also gather information from each person involved to file a police report. Note down the police officer’s precinct, badge number, and accident report number.

In case police have not reached the accident spot then you should write down details like, 1) driver’s license number, 2) vehicle registration number and 3) insurance card of the at fault party. In case, they say no to such details, then note down their license plate number and State.

d) Avoid disputes with the other party. You can narrate your story to the police officer at the accident scene.

e) An eyewitness can be helpful in telling who was at fault. Take down the name, address and contact number of the eyewitness for further references.

f) Seek medical help if you have suffered injuries. The doctor or hospital would give detail medical report on your injuries. In many accidents, the victims continue to have pain even after one year of their accident. A minor injury can become a major one. Therefore, the victim must keep a record of injuries sustained after a car accident.

g) Contact your insurance company and tell them about the accident. Any delay in informing the insurance company would cost you denial of insurance money.

h) Click pictures of the accident car if the insurance representative has not reached the accident scene. These photographs would establish who was at fault in the court.

i) If you feel that the other driver was drunk, report this matter to the police officer and ask him to order a sobriety test.

j) Contact a New York car accident lawyer to help you get compensation. Most of the personal injury and accident lawyers offer legal services on contingency basis that is they would charge a percentage of the money that he/she wins at the end of the case. Hiring a lawyer would definitely increase the chances of getting a compensation that you deserve.